Monday, December 15, 2008

The same old boring day. As usual.

My mom is not going to be home for 2 weeks. And next week my sister will be gone back to college. And I'm going to be stuck here, ALONE! Fantastic! Well at least I have my trusted, silent, and non-boring books. At least they don't have a mouth. I'm getting sick of listening to people talking. And some......other stuff that I can't say. I finished Remember Me that I told you before on Monday. On my book list blog, there's only its synopsis. It took me like four days to get the detail synopsis that I promised you right. Well anyway, my sister cooked today, and she's dissapointed. She said "It doesn't look like in the picture". Lol. But I don't really care. So I just ate it. And another thing is I'm eating like a pregnant woman, well not literally, but seriously, I'm eating so much I scared myself. At first I thought it was one of those condition, but apparently, its not. I think I might be having an emotional disoder or something. Cause every night after turn off the light, I just have so much on my head, its killing me. I think I'm going insanely nuts b.k.a crazy. Well anyway, I'm hungry. I'm gonna go eat.

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