Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are you suicidal?

So, actually I saw this article in the paper about a women in London who died of drinking too much water. At first she drank 4 liter water a day and lose 5.2kg in a week. So basically she was trying to lose weight. And then she thought that if she drink a lots of water she will lose lot of weight. After 3 weeks, she lose 6.3kgs. Then she faint, and die. The cause of her death is that her brain swells because receiving too much water. So I kinda thought, 'Wow,that is an easy and painful way for those who wants to kill themselves.' No no. Don't get me wrong here. I'm not convincing people to kill themselves. But if you have to do it, stop using the knife and all those stuff that can torture you before you die. I am actually a bit curious about those who want to kill themselves. Because like everyone have a problem, but you don't see everyone in the world killing them self. If that happen, then there will be no human being in this world. I have to be honest if I want to talk about this. I am suicidal. There is a few times where I wanted to try it. But everyone knows that suicide is a sin. No matter what religion you are, it is a sin right? So, you really want to die with a sin? Why? Is it because the sin you're already carrying is not enough? That why I never done it. I already have a lot of sin which I know of and don't know of. And I'm gonna put on another the second I die? No way. Nobody is happy with their life. Well, some people is actually happy with theirs, but nothing last. Well I'm not happy with my life either. Sometimes, yeah. But the unhappiness conquers most part of my life. So it still make me an unhappy person sometime. But hey, look at the president all around you. They have a big problem. Their country problem, the world economy thing stuff that is not stable right now(am I right?).And their own. But you don't see them killing themselves. Before you do it, just think about people who care for you. Your family, your friend, there even people who you don't even know exits that cares for you. There's always someone there. If you want to kill yourself because you think no one care anymore, well news flash, there always people there. You just have to look, look around you, look everywhere. Just don't give up so easily. It bothers me seeing it in the news everyday. Its like a carnival. So, stop suicide and do something that you know can help yourself and others.

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