Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I was before

Before I became this Una that you know now, I was a different kind of person. When I told you this, some people might say "Yeah right". But its the truth. I actually used to be a very shy girl. I don't even talk to guys. I only talk to them when I need to. If I had a problem that would need a guys help, I would think of something so that I don't have to deal with them. And some people may noticed that. Then, when I was 15 I think, there's a person, a guy, who suddenly told me I'm different ( Ko lain la sekarang). And I was like What different ( Lain ape)? And he said Different different( Lain la). Back then, I don't even know what he means, but just recently, I realized that I was different because I started to talk to guys and just communicate. I think I know why. I think its because used to make a wrong choice when it comes to guys. And I made that wrong choices because I'm lack of communication with the boys. So, to know one, you have to connect with one, that what I say. Now, I'm a more open person and I laugh very loud to.