Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talk About a Boring Life

Few days a go, my best friend, Teah came to school that morning and said, “I woke up this morning and I just realize that I have such a boring life”. And I thought, Really? It’s not because I have such a great life, but because I’ve realize that since last year or maybe earlier. She said “I woke up this morning to iron my uniform and thought I did this and everything else that I did every single day over and over for a whole year”. It’s true. But my other best friend, Anna said “My life is so happening” and I was like What did she do at home? I have such a boring life because nothing ever happen in my life. And Teah asked me “What can I do to make my life not boring?” And I said, “You have to act wild”. I say this because its true. Wild people/girls never gets bored. Unlike us, the innocent stay at home girls. Eventhou I am very bored with my life, I feel very safe. Have you ever wondered how those sluty minxy whorey whore girls life is like? Well I think its not very safe. You get the picture. Ok I know that going wild is not the only way. But if you have great friends, you would have a fabulous life. I have great friends. Really awesome friends. But I’m a very boring person. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But at least I live and I have friends. For all those people who relates to me, I’m so sorry that I’m such a boring person. I can’t wait to be at the next stage of my life so I won’t be such boredness to you guys. Back to Teah’s statement. The next day she said “I’m starting to enjoy my life”. And I was thinking Wow, that was very fast because I’m still bored. I don’t know what to do. Help? Some suggestion please?

Friday, February 13, 2009

My violent imagination / fantasies

Hello. I just got back from the clinic. My mom got irritated by my coughing. Before this, I’ve got a fever and a cold. But now, I can’t stop coughing. A week ago, my mom asks me if I want to see the doctor, twice. But I just shook my head. But yesterday, she made a statement, “You’re going to the doctor tomorrow” (Esok kite pegi jumpe doktor), she’s obviously annoyed by the noise I made. Well anyway, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about me thinking violently. Have you ever felt mad at someone, I mean really mad? Just FYI, I always felt like that to people. I wouldn’t get mad at people if they did nothing to make me mad. But when they do make me mad, I would feel like attacking them right there and then and just strangle them to death. But of course I wouldn’t do that. What I do is, I imagine myself with a gun pointing to that person head, and then I shot them. And if I feel that it’s not enough, I’ll imagine stabbing them until I feel very satisfied with my work. Wait wait. Before you judge me blindly, just think about it. I think it’s much better than what I probably would do (I don’t even know what I would or could do) in real life. Right? I also think it’s a good exercise for my brain. You know, increasing the imaginary level. Don’t you think so? So, just a little side note, do not mess with me. Do you really want to be in my violent fantasies/imagination? Do you really wan to die aver and over again? But if you just really want to mess with me, thank you. You just boost up my imaginary level.