Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's crawling to an ENd.

You know what I'm talking about. I have two subjects left. A total of five papers to answer. Chemistry and Tassawur. How was the other? Please don't ask. It's not me to make the past haunt me. It still haunt me even thou I don't think about it. Just sitting and doing nothing makes me think about my answers in the past. On the first day of exam, my dad made me promise not to discuss the answers afterward. I'm not the type that like to discuss anyway. Cause then I would worry about the past when I still have to think about the future. I would feel stupid if I knew I answered it wrongly. I know, everyone make mistakes but I'm just an average girl with an unusually high hopes and dream. Every morning when I go to school for exam, my mother would pat my back saying "Kuatkan semangat", and would just smile and left the car.
I always tell myself not to give up. I read somewhere that human have three chances in life to success. But you should grab it the first time and never let it go. You just don't know when the other two will come around. They might not come around at all. You just never know. We'll just see what happens in the future.