Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doing nothing is better

Ok..Good morning..*yawn*I woke up early today cause my parents just ambush my room and start measuring my room..So I have to wake up..I just finished my breakfast and shower..Whats for breakfast?Just a few toast..I hope my mom take me out for sunbathing or something..Well not literally sunbathing..Cause I've bee inside for like forever and I find it very cold inside even with the blaring sun from the outside..Like now,I'm freezing..Right now,I'm re-reading Eclips and I'm almost finished..Then I'll move on to school novel..Konserto Terakhir..Maybe..Then if I get bored I'll read this novel that my sister have that I never realize is there call Remember Me..I don't know what its about..But my sister says it a very good book..We'll see..I'm kind of actually waiting for friend to chat..But I never bump into this HANA when I'm online..I miss her..Where are you bitch?Well anyway,for those out there whom I have their number and doesn't text them..Sorry..But you know how much I hate texting..But if you just wanna talk,just call me ok..But if you want to ask something,you can text with the question then I'll reply your text..If you have my yahoo mess, feel free to chat with me..But if I'm treating you weird,then something is wrong with me..Don't get offended..So,I guess thats all..Wake up to those who's still wrap up in bed..


  1. that bitch u were talkin about(HANA),
    i thouht she is on vacation
    yea i miss her alot!
    gehehe ;DD
    as she had deleted her mspace acc,
    she rarely online.duh! ;(

  2. i'm here la syg
    vacation? haha.
    i'm not la. aku saket2 skit.
    ohh,yeah,i miss both of u toooo. ^*^