Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let's be friends :)

For as long as I've lived, I know that I don't befriend someone easily. And I literally don't have a so called 'first impression' towards anyone. If anyone asks, I'll say "Nampak macam okay".

Half a year, I'll be able to talk comfortably with the person. A year will make me able to trust the person to be around me often. More than that, I'll never forget that person face. I may forgot their name, but not their face. More than 5 year, I'll never forgot neither their name or their face.
Yes, apparently this is something I can actually say while I'm still . . . young.

Most of the first impression people have on me?

I look arrogant. Fierce. Unfriendly.

I definitely agree with all of the above. Unless you talk to me, you'll never know how I really am. So please do talk to me. Although I must warn you it'll be an awkward conversation at first, but if you're someone who is bubbly and talkative, I will be glad for your company.

There's this other thing. My stare. Sometimes I'll look at a person for one second, then turn back the other way like a snob. I actually do this quite often. Especially towards guy. I don't know why, I just do.


if you ever, ever somehow make me grew a dislike feeling towards you, then I'm sorry but I'll hate you until you say sorry. I actually hate this one guy so so much just because he didn't say sorry after he pushed my hand when it was in the air while I was trying to put on my backpack.

Now, I feel full of loathe whenever I see his face.

Yes. I am vengeful person.

Sorry makes all the difference.

To a person like me

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  1. heyyy.. una,dont do that. just forgive him. =)
    ha! i like those three words - arrogant, fierce, unfriendly. haha ;D

    tahla, xtahu nk ckp ape sbnrnye. just b yourself. i like & <3 my NURUL HUSNA...
    i am not that talkative and friendly but when u'r around,
    i am more than comfortable to say anything that kept bugging my head..

    sometimes we fought,
    sometimes we cried,
    sometimes we smiled,
    sometimes we laughed,
    sometimes i hate u when things go wrong
    i ALWAYS love the real you..