Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sup peeps.

So, I'm back at my college. Yay? Oh, well. I guess it's a good time to be starting class after a month and a half of not doing anything but eating and sleeping and gaining weight. Its 8.09am and I'll have class at 3pm later. I'm a little blurred about what am I to do right now. So, update. This blog was totally dust. Its like someone died in this or something and it's a little weird that bb Teah wasn't complaining. I guess she just got tired of telling me my blog was all dusty.LOL. Sorry babe. Something happened to my brain.

Since its only the first week, I'm pretty sure a lot of class will be canceled. Until then, I guess I'll be rolling on bed and of course, movie marathon. Whooop!

I have nothing more to say.

Until I have a damn good life ahead.

Goodbye LOVE.


  1. Deyy minachi, im just sick to tell you like since forever, that your blog is dusty. I do complain, in my heart :DD This post is cool ! *thumbs up babe. And wish will have life soon !

  2. hahaha.. cool! bout dusty blog, i've no comment at all. gahaha =DD

  3. lolz.. I do dat to guys too! omo.. even to the cute ones! T.T stupid self-defense reaction! he was so cute too!! (baru jumpe ari ni, so fresh memory.. lol)