Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't judge a book randomly

So, that's basically my way if saying Don't judge a book by its cover or its contentLooks may be deceiving. A person's heart is even more so. Some people may look great to our eyes. But to other people, they could already see flaws at first sight. Go to a book store and browse the fiction section. Then a book caught your eyes and it practically screams "Come on pick me up. I look interesting to read". Flip it through and some would say "Oh my God, this book is damn funny", and others, "This book is a joke".
        And the next thing you know, flaws will starts to form and "Oh my God" change to "This is a joke. What was I thinking?" We'll this case may only apply to certain kind of people like of those who hates chick flick book and bought a chick flick book.

Once upon a time, you met a person. At first sight you thought "She's okay".

Then one day, things change. She just suddenly became the coolest person you know. Everything that came out of her mouth just wows you. She mixes with 'the' crowd, she got the brain and everywhere she go, she'll be noticed.

But, after seeing so many great things about a person, you'll bound to wonder, "Isn't there anything she lacks?". Well, the trick is to never questioned. Because I questioned, it smack me right in the face.

Then, all those great things you used to see in her just vanished. Now, all the things that came out of her mouth just spells BULLSHIT to me. 'The' crowd she mix with? Well, that's just the ticket to the life she's having now.

Now now, I know what you're thinking. That's harsh. But, different people just see things differently. And you want to know what actually smacks me in the face? One of her act. It doesn't just smack me in the face by surprise, it almost got me into one hell of a trouble.

Moral of the story? Well for me it would be,

Never trust a person until you fully understands each other and has gone through thick and thin together. Cause that's what build a good relationship, for FRIENDS or LOVERS. 

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