Saturday, July 10, 2010

I need extra social skill

I really mean it. My social skill is limited to,
"What's your name?"
"Which block?"
"What course?" -_-
Yes, lame. I am.

I've been expecting that from the very beginning. That's why I always describe myself as someone who always keep to myself and a good listener. I mostly always listens, and say a little. To those who knows me, would probably be familiar with the 'me', who'll sit in a corner doing her own thing, or, sit around the group lol-ing my ass off.

But, now that I'm in a new place, I find it hard to get used to the surroundings, even though I liked it, especially the socializing part. Finding a clique is a zero chance. It's not high school, so finding a clique is out of the question. Finding real friends, yeah, I'm still working on it. Not to say that the friends I already have now are not my real friends, its just that, its still early adding to the fact that I still don't know how their personality is like and everything.

Still, I already spots the ones who neglect me or look down on me or doesn't even want to look at me. I just hoped you'll change your way of looking at me one day. The way I do things doesn't always reflect who I am on the inside :)

Right now I totally envy Fatiehah Zaini bb. Since you're all sooo charming and got just the right amount of social skill and get along with everyone just fine. I know you have problems making friends at first too. But I'm guessing that at teast you got talking.
Remind me again your first impression towards me,
You : *bump*
Me : *glare*
You : 'Aphal minah ni?'

Precious!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!



  1. omg...i luv the last part. kinda cool

    i miz u <3

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  3. OMG the best post EVERRR , and wtheck with me . U'l sort this thing out . ive faith on you bbe :)