Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day by day. . .

Yes, day by day, my life passed by and every night before I closed my eyes, i would rethink everything I did. If I fast forward it and skip the times I spent on the floor with my cat, everything is less than 10 minutes.


Nothing happen. What a sad truth.

I know, at least I have a job. You wanna know a secret? A few days after I've been confirmed, I don't feel like going. Then everyday that I have to work, I would look at the clock, "It's 3, 3 more hours before work". Always counting down. Some times I would take a nap in the evening cause I know I'll be tiring and unintentionally wake up at 5.30 and be rushing to shower and everything.

While as in the morning, I'd have to wake up like everyone else and get ready and starts walking for 8.30.

But this morning, I didn't wake up like everyone else and I overslept. Thank God Hairul texted me asking if I'm coming (cause he wants his coffee prince). When I looked at the phone it was 8.30++. I was late. Very late. I rushed everything I did. Showering, scrambling eggs, getting dressed, walking and finally arrived around 9.30 with an awkward smile on my face. But still, better late than never.

But then again. day by day, everything passed by like a feather. Ever so slowly and in the end, there really ain't nothing to learn from it. Well except for the fact you should not waste your time like me.

Do something useful, something informational, something worth your time to waste.

p/s : I can cook spaghetti now. The canned sauce at least. Weee~~~~~


  1. not a good cook but still, i can cook spaghetti tooo. haha

  2. Haha , keep it up girl .