Sunday, June 6, 2010

Being offensive

There's a thing about being offensive. It's rude, insulting and it hurt people's feeling.


that's exactly what I've become. To certain people at least. My current lifestyle kind of affect what I become. Sometimes I got annoyed very easily by peoples word. And because of this annoyance, I'd say that some people got hurt by my word. Like what happened recently, one person actually complaint this and that about me. Usually, I would just keep quite and ignore, but I was unusually out of the mood, so I said something offensive which I knew slap the person right on the face. Twice in a row actually. Right after, the person said something else about what I was doing.
But really, when you got what you just got from me, do you still want to talk to me? But this time, the person answered back saying "Such arrogance", so I went, "I always am". Only then the person decided to keep quite.

One thing I learnt from it,

being offensive is not always bad. You might find it useful someday. Like I always tell my bbs, "Don't be too nice to people, they might stab you in the back".

That's what I practiced everyday. Not to be too nice to people. Even thou I'm not that nice to people, people still brag and talk trash about me. Imagine what happen I was very nice towards them.

But don't always act offensive all the time though, people tend to avoid these kind of people with such strong words coming out of their mouth. Especially girls.

Think before you say anything. Just to be safe, think twice before you say anything. Some people are just too sensitive and get hurt a lot easier by words than acts.


  1. Great one ! action speaks louder than words ,
    hence i give you THUMBS UP .
    nice post and really swept the bore in me .
    haha , and btw , who said that 'such arrogance' ?
    was that me ?
    haha LOLolol . i'll take ur advice anyway .
    This post is sooo cool among all ! yayness .

  2. Lololololol. Really???
    N its not you la btw. Its someone else, someone closer.
    Yes please do take my advice, I don't want bad things to happen to my bbs.

  3. yeah, 2 thumbs up !!
    awesome... peace (-.-(V)