Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watch it.

Your gesture, your attitude, your words, your action. Watch it all. Sometimes you think, 'Screw everyone, this is who I am. Who are they to judge'. Its true, but, everywhere you go, people are judging you.

Everyday, everywhere, everyone people are judged. People judge us and we judge people. Its only natural for people to judge others. When walking down a street, you see someone who you thought was weird from what they're wearing, you just judged someone. And you don't even know them. Which proves you don't need a license to judge.

You know what the worse part is? When you judge someone you know. 
A few days ago, while I was at the library, I saw this group of friends studying. Out of those several people in the group, there's this one person I can't take my eyes of. Don't get me wrong, it not that she was dressed weirdly, its that she was being treated like an outcast. She was sitting together with them, and everyone socialize with each other but totally ignored her like she wasn't even there. I can only think of two reason for the way they're acting, either they fought or group judging. 

The same thing had happened to me once, but that's what make me who I am today. I'm actually quite thankful for it.

That is why you should watch yourself. If you think its worth changing for other, then do it. If you don't then find others who would appreciate you more.

I am currently in the middle of judging a person that I see everyday. It's tiring. The cause, words. Forgive me for this, but she needs to shut up now. She never, ever watch her words. I know that she just said it as a joke, but seriously, she needs to be more careful about what she said. If you think something's funny, doesn't mean the whole world think its funny. When I say something, she always argue. It's like she must win with every word that came out of her mouth. Even when she argues with another person I feel like screaming "SHUT UP ALREADY!"
That is why, I don't talk to her anymore. Well I tend to avoid it/her. Forgive me dear, but, you're not the only person who matters in the world.

And another thing, judging is not gossiping. Gossip spreads like wildfire, judging stays with you if you wish it and turns into another thing when you tell it. 


  1. nice. ;)
    go, una.
    sume tu bergantung kat diri sendiri.
    orang judge, tp kita yg decide.
    so..hmm. (conclude sendiri lah) haha

  2. I'd like to be a judge someday. I mean legally. Wish me luck! xD Lols