Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sarcasm much?

What is sarcasm? Well this is what I got from Concise Oxford Dictionary.

  •  n. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
 My opinion on sarcasm? I don't like it. Period. Some people may use on occasional term to tease someone. Well, I tend to avoid it. I may sometimes, unconsciously, give sarcastic remarks on something or someone, but usually when I realize my mistake, I would immediately apologize and say it was a joke and pat them in the back.

Sarcastic comments tend to hurt people. Even if you laugh at the wrong situation, it will give the sarcasm effect. And to be honest, when I get emotional I too just blurted out the first thing in my mind.

Especially to these who always use hurtful remarks on me.

I must say, even though I may look stone on the outside, I do get hurt by words. It's just I'm not the type to show them. If you think sarcasm might help you bond with someone, well think again.

For me, I tend to avoid those who make sarcastic comment as a habit. It's not good for me if I just keep letting myself get hurt by words.

So, here's some advice.
  • Think before you talk.
  • Whatever you think is funny, is not funny to everyone.
  • And stop being selfish with your words.

It's free advice. Take it or leave it. Till then

Au revoir

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