Saturday, April 11, 2009

*Sigh* Its that time of the month again

I had a test this week, from Tuesday to Thursday. I wasn’t sleeping right. I was pushing myself because of the test. I studied in the evening like at 4 to 5.30, and then I took a break till 8 something, then I continued until 11.00. Then I woke up again at 4 or 5 in the morning. Well the effect of this messy sleeping cycle:

1. I got sleepy while doing the test.

2. My brain got into a black spot of some kind.

3. I was feeling so hot like burning.

4. And I was feeling very uncomfortable.

5. I had headache the whole week.

6. Plus I was on my period.

I was and still am very stress. I have three essays I have to finished by Monday and an assignment about some great person who has done something somewhere. And right now I’m having a throat problem and every time I cough, it goes to my head and my head feels life something knocked on it. Last night, I had to sleep face down because my head hurts. *Sigh* Now I know how suffering feels like. But at least this kind of suffering doesn’t last forever. Wait till I see the real world out there. There’s much more to come in my way.

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  1. haha.such a depresive time huh :DD