Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beloved ABAH!

Yay. Today is my dad's birthday. Hurm.....I wonder what my mom has in mind for today. My parents would probably go out tonight, without me that is, and celebrate. I always got left at home. *sigh* Well I'm fasting today and later I have tuition class. Yah! I'm so tired. It feels like I haven't rest forever. And I've been having headache occasionally nowadays. Well I guess thats it. Just keeping you updated. Thanks for reading. Annyong.


  1. ahah happy birthday abah UNA!
    eh mak lawa lahh ;P
    dat day aku nmpak mak n abah ko dating kat pasar!
    aku tego pn da xnmpak da mak ko tu
    sebok ngn pakwe dy lar kate kan .
    ahaha :DDD

  2. haha.. yela,dating beli mknn utk ak..

  3. ohh,epy belated bday kt abah una.
    huuu,mak lawa lawa. yeppo!

  4. ehh,sory xprasan lak ade annyong kt bwh tu. haha.