Saturday, February 21, 2009

Talk About a Boring Life

Few days a go, my best friend, Teah came to school that morning and said, “I woke up this morning and I just realize that I have such a boring life”. And I thought, Really? It’s not because I have such a great life, but because I’ve realize that since last year or maybe earlier. She said “I woke up this morning to iron my uniform and thought I did this and everything else that I did every single day over and over for a whole year”. It’s true. But my other best friend, Anna said “My life is so happening” and I was like What did she do at home? I have such a boring life because nothing ever happen in my life. And Teah asked me “What can I do to make my life not boring?” And I said, “You have to act wild”. I say this because its true. Wild people/girls never gets bored. Unlike us, the innocent stay at home girls. Eventhou I am very bored with my life, I feel very safe. Have you ever wondered how those sluty minxy whorey whore girls life is like? Well I think its not very safe. You get the picture. Ok I know that going wild is not the only way. But if you have great friends, you would have a fabulous life. I have great friends. Really awesome friends. But I’m a very boring person. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But at least I live and I have friends. For all those people who relates to me, I’m so sorry that I’m such a boring person. I can’t wait to be at the next stage of my life so I won’t be such boredness to you guys. Back to Teah’s statement. The next day she said “I’m starting to enjoy my life”. And I was thinking Wow, that was very fast because I’m still bored. I don’t know what to do. Help? Some suggestion please?


  1. haha
    yeah boring life . hot topic u got ther!
    una , u r not a boring person .
    n yes,i always enjoy to talk to u cause u r a very good listener .
    u do not talk too much but u hear wayyy much than i really do . XP
    well to make our life great n fabulousa u juz have to
    make it happy even it is not,
    smile n laugh often even there are no jokes ,
    act wild in ur own perception of life .
    some people do enjoy extreme stuff to enjoy their life ,
    but some love to read books as for them the books is the enjoyness .
    whatever it is , its just ur own way to guide and to shape yer life .
    so GOODLUCK!

    p/s :i lied about 'im starting to enjoy my life'

  2. Hey. I think you're right. I love to read. And I haven't read a single novel since new year. I think I'm suffering.

  3. u shud try to enjoy what u'r doin
    i know u luvs book like hell
    and u shud go and read some

    and u know wut? u'r not boring at all
    trust me
    i do luv to talk to u and
    u'r the only 1 who know more bout the latest gadjet
    and computer compare to the others like teah. hahaha
    bsides,u'r a gud listener
    and i thank u for always being there whenever i need ya,babe


  4. No problem darl. I would love to read those books I wanted. But you know what year it is. And just like you, I think I'm gonna wait until after SPM. I can't wait to read Narnia. Urgh!

  5. shut the hell up! hahaha xPPP
    im just LOST about the hi-tech gadgets and so on .
    fuck it . it is totally giving me headache lah .
    but books,i love books it's just that well u know ,
    as low AND STEADY as teah haha ;P

  6. una is not a boring person..
    u r cute!!
    my life is boring..
    but, i'd like to look at it the other way..
    so that, i won't feel bored..
    yeah, my life is boring..
    but i'm not bored..
    lol.. merepek aku ni..
    sorry una..