Friday, February 13, 2009

My violent imagination / fantasies

Hello. I just got back from the clinic. My mom got irritated by my coughing. Before this, I’ve got a fever and a cold. But now, I can’t stop coughing. A week ago, my mom asks me if I want to see the doctor, twice. But I just shook my head. But yesterday, she made a statement, “You’re going to the doctor tomorrow” (Esok kite pegi jumpe doktor), she’s obviously annoyed by the noise I made. Well anyway, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about me thinking violently. Have you ever felt mad at someone, I mean really mad? Just FYI, I always felt like that to people. I wouldn’t get mad at people if they did nothing to make me mad. But when they do make me mad, I would feel like attacking them right there and then and just strangle them to death. But of course I wouldn’t do that. What I do is, I imagine myself with a gun pointing to that person head, and then I shot them. And if I feel that it’s not enough, I’ll imagine stabbing them until I feel very satisfied with my work. Wait wait. Before you judge me blindly, just think about it. I think it’s much better than what I probably would do (I don’t even know what I would or could do) in real life. Right? I also think it’s a good exercise for my brain. You know, increasing the imaginary level. Don’t you think so? So, just a little side note, do not mess with me. Do you really want to be in my violent fantasies/imagination? Do you really wan to die aver and over again? But if you just really want to mess with me, thank you. You just boost up my imaginary level.


  1. yo!
    wish u will get better babe!

  2. well,honey. read this ONE BY ONE
    Una luvs english song but hate to listen to korea song
    but i do luv eng song as well as korea
    and you know what Una, listen to song from diffrent country called INTERNATIONAL listener!
    how r u going to undrstand what people trying to say
    if you refuse to learn language other than ENGLISH?

    uh? alamak, ade note pulak,"do not mess with me"
    opps! hahahaha. sory,this is the only way to cure my fever ^^

  3. shoot me! hahahahahah

  4. stab me! muahahahahah

  5. Huh. International listener. Like you know the meaning of all the word. At least I understand what they're saying. Lol

  6. international or universal?
    get lost in here =_=

  7. alamak,salah plak.
    sory teah. hahahahaha
    i do. at least,i'm learning babe.

  8. ahhh
    no wonder aku ta phm