Sunday, April 4, 2010

What life have to offer

Actually I don't really know. I'm just going with the flow of my life. So what did happened lately? I passed for my drivers license and got on the list of 'The person to be consider for transport for the next outing'. I also got matrix at Malacca just like most of my classmates. But I didn't gave an answer to the offer yet. I'm gonna wait for UPU results to come out and then take my pick. What else??? Oh yeah. I watched DEAR JOHN!!!!!!! Yeay! Awesome! I'm finishing up my story (I hope). I'm also having thought about my current thoughts about my relationship with someone. I'll post about that later. And I've discovered mountains of great quotes by great people. I've also been sleeping late and waking up incredibly late as well. I really have to stop that. It gives me headache and heats. Oh, by the way, my pc came back to life, so, I lost everything on hard drive C but I still have everything else, my music, movies and s***s. what a relief. But my Photoshop software is gone. Sobs sobs.

Guess what. I gain weight. A LOT! I'm telling you. One fine morning, I woke up and just felt like weighting myself after a long time. I never really like to weight myself cause I know then I'll be too self conscious about my weight. But usually my weight would never go up a certain number. But that morning, the number shocked me. My reaction : "*Gasp* Oh s**t! This is not happening." So I told my sister and her reaction : "Your going down a dangerous path sister. Jom beli teh hijau". That night, we went to Tesco with out parents and got green tea. On the same night, we watched Dear John with a warm green tea. -_-" Its bitter but I bear with it. Its only been two night I had green tea. So thats the story of my dangerous weight.

My sister wants to go the movie. With me of course. But we don't know whats good right now. She got two free tickets and we might go this weekend(?). She even asked me when we can get my license. Obviously she's dying to make me drive. Haha. I'm not entirely excited about getting my license. Cause I know that I'll have to drive around here and there when people tell me to. I prefer to stay home.

So basically, my life is a zero fill with dust. Thank you for reading.

Come back next time.... *Wave*


  1. What u really meant by this "I'm also having thought about my current thoughts about my relationship with someone." ? God , im ultimately CURIOUS mannnn !
    btw , the green tea idea is not bad at all .
    I might give a shot , just not at this current moment . Lots to do .
    Anyway , enjoy ur increasing weight ! hahaha xDD

  2. I'll post about relationship later babe.
    What u need a green tea for. You should gain more weight la syg.
    And green tea wouldnt even take a moment of your ur time. i think it really works thou.
    I drop 0.7kg in two night. WOOO!!!!!

  3. u guys are totally a freak. xp
    it's not crime if u gain some weights &&&
    plus, u two! both of u hev 2 tambah sikit la.
    xelok pn kurus sgt. aku tgk skrg lg lawa.

    klw korg kate korg xkurus, then aku nie ??? waaaa...whatever. lalala

  4. haha. dont get offended la hana dear.
    we are a freak when it comes to our weight.
    i need to lose weight pun bkn ape.
    u know, its hard for me to find a decent pair of pants yg besa but pnjng. i even have tummy now and most of my pants are going like squeezing me to death. :(

  5. me too. lols
    buy another one, bigger one. huhu ;p

  6. Haha , ya imma freak when it comes to weight .
    But not that fucking freaky . just to get my ideal weight heh .
    i want M size instead of L . Im so sick of L :(
    Im tryna decrease my body weight , but not progressing . not at all .
    so forget it . haha .