Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's wrong and What are you?

So, it's exam month. Three weeks is kinda almost a month. Of course I've been studying. But I have a problem that starts even before the exam. I'm not sleeping right. Like right now, its 2a.m and I'm not sleeping. I can't sleep at night. But then, I'll sleep after dawn till like 11a.m something. It's almost like I belong somewhere else, so I'm sleeping using their time. I still sleep very late even thou it's school night. Then I would feel sleepy while doing the exam. It's absurd. Why can't I sleep normally. I always felt tired nowadays. It's not like I did anything. Hana said I'm a little over worried about the exam. But I think it's something else going on in my head. But what is it?

Do you guys remember the last post(Its below this post), when I said that I don't talk at all at home. I only talk when there's things to say. Then, just recently I think, I know why. I'M A SELFISH BITCH. You have to admit it. It's true. I shocked my self. But when think it over, it is very true. I have another thing to admit. But I'll jst put it in my next post. Till then..


  1. Oh cant wait for the next post !
    Untalkative doesnt even mean yer selfish buncit .
    Just chill . And ya noe , me myself also have that sleeping problem .
    Readers help us :(

  2. same goes here
    i thought i had an insomnia. muahaha
    talk talk talk!
    it can help you,somehow. trust me.
    it doesnt matter if u dont want to talk to me
    but find someone u trust,atleast

    sometimes, people will walk away from ur life if u choose to ignore 'em...

  3. 'sometimes, people will walk away from ur life if u choose to ignore 'em...' have no idea....

    you know, i think we should try some drugs, ambien maybe? hahaha

  4. The hell ? Dont get it ! Ugh .
    Even the cuszie , said im slow .
    How do i have to work out on it ?