Friday, June 5, 2009

Clique. Friends. Affiliates.

Clique, friends, affiliates. What’s the difference? Each one of these words has very different meaning. Clique is like a group of people with the same interest. Friends are the people who are always with you through the good times or bad. Affiliates on the other hand are a gather of same kind of people. Which one of these is the better type of gather? Well for me, of course its friends. When you are in a clique, you would get boring doing the same thing as everyone else. Affiliate for example is the popular. The popular don’t really have any friend. When you’re popular, the only thing that is important is yourself. When one of the affiliates got in some kind of trouble or problem, the other would be like, “Thank god it’s not me.” I’m not saying all the popular are like that, but some are. And another thing about the popular is when you’re on top, you take one wrong step, in a blink, you’re in the bottom and I don’t think any of your affiliate wants to go down there to save you. But true friends are always with you no matter what. Either your cat died or your dad is acting weird, they would probably say “I bet its nothing, don’t think about it” or they will probably sat and listens to your unending babbling. Sometimes not saying anything is better than saying something that would make someone even more hurt. So that’s what I think. What about you?

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